What is Mole & Skin Tag Removal?

An electric current passes through a wire that becomes hot and is used to burn off the upper layers of the skin. You may need more than one treatment to remove a mole. Skin tags are removed by burning through the narrow stem that attaches them to the skin. The heat helps prevent bleeding. Who is qualified to remove moles? Medical professionals and Beauty Professionals.

  • Gain proficiency during the Hands-On  sessions and perform the various advance facial procedures that can be utilized in an esthic setting:  Non-Surgical and Non-Laser 

  • Learn to recognize the numerous skin lesions that can be treated Non-surgically, in a beauty and esthetic care setting.

  • Correctly utilize the various types of equipment needed to perform each advance skincare treatment.

  • Learn specific methods to ensure consistent and appropriate reimbursement for each procedure.

  • Learn specific methods to market your new advance skincare service to new and existing patients.

Mole Removal Course

Mole & Skin Tag Removal Training

This course will allow you to properly identify pre-cancerous, cancerous, and benign lesions. Identification of the various forms of skin cancer; Actinic Keratosis, Basal Cell Carcinoma, Melanomas, and other cutaneous malignancies, cutaneous malignancies, cutaneous manifestations of internal malignancy including procedural treatment options such as curettage, desiccation, excisional removal, electrodessication, cryosurgery, Imiquod and photodynamic therapies for various lesions.

Upcoming Dates: 
November 13th 2022

$2500.00 Course Pricing ($700 deposit)

  • Manual

  • Hands on Training

  • Machine + Kit

  • Client Consent Forms

  • Plus more!

**If deposit hasn't been paid two weeks prior to the course, equipment will be shipped**

*Remaining Balance Can Be Paid Via Zelle*


I just had the Body Sculpting class and it was excellent. Learned hands on and good information was taught. I am very impressed with the owners of the school. It was a small class so we had individual attention.

-Dr. Owusu

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