Ebeni and Kaleia, Co-Owners and founders of Royal International Beauty Institute, LLC, esthetic education is extremely thorough and sophisticated. They are licensed Esthetician and continue to stay current and up today with the latest beauty trends, innovative products and current with all the OSHA sanitation going above and beyond to ensure that their Graduates are well-rounded and confident in their skill level. Once students graduate/certified Ebeni & Kaleia’s number one priority is for their students to be completely trained, ready to enter the professional working world and getting a return on their investment(tuition cost). Royal International Beauty Institute is located in Atlanta, Ga. and have been training  well rounded estheticians, cosmetologists and new comers in the beauty industry! Royal International Beauty Institute graduates are prepared to work in some of the most exclusive resorts, medical spas, product sales reps and many own their own business. The goal with each class is to leave students feeling motivated and self-assured with the new skills and knowledge they have obtained. Our instructors deliver high-quality content with superior knowledge of esthetic principles, always taking into account rules and regulations governing the industry.  Royal International Beauty Institute has trained well over 300 beauty professionals, from 25 states and 6 countries. Ebeni & Kaleia has a passion for educating and will continue well into the future!


   Upcoming Classes!!!!!!!!!!

Body Sculpting  4/11 & 05/16

Vagina Rejuvenation 04/10 & 05/15

Ear Candling & ionic foot detox 5/15

Mole Removal 4/10 & 05/15

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5 Top Reasons Why Body Sculpting is a Multi-Million Dollar Industry

5 Top Reasons Why Body Sculpting is a Multi-Million Dollar Industry

Waist Trainer

Waist Trainer


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A Royal Learning Experience for Beauty Professionals!

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Disclosure: This course is recommended for estheticians, cosmetologists, makeup artists, nurses, and doctors. You may take this course if you do not have a license but keep in mind you must check with your local and state entities to see if you need a license to perform in your state. We are not a licensing board, we only certify students.


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