What is Advanced Facial Techniques with Machine Training?

Our Advanced Facial Techniques with Machine Training Course will teach you the popular alternative to the surgical facelift, to allow you to competently offer this service to your clients and helping them achieve resurfaced, rejuvenated skin. You will be taught the most popular advance facial techiiamond-tip microdermabrasion technique, as well as how to accurately perform a tactile test and full client consultation throughout the course of this hands-on, practical training day

  • Explain basic skin structure and physiology

  • Identify different methods of skin classification and how these classifications are used to evaluate appropriate treatment protocols

  • Demonstrate appropriate technique in performing microdermabrasion.

  • Discuss various types of chemical peels and appropriate candidates for each

  • Describe how these procedures can be combined with other services to enhance client results as well as participant’s earning potential

  • Explain how to appropriately price and market these procedures.


Advanced Facial Techniques with Machine Training Course

Upcoming Dates : June 16, 2021

Come to our Hands on Advanced Facial Training! 5 Certifications in Dermaplaining, Hydrafacial, Microneedling, Microdermabraison and BB Glow .  Our master instructors and licensed estheticians  will guide you through the theory behind these highly sought after treatments. We offer small class size with two instructors.

$2,500.00(Class + Kit + Machine) $800.00 Deposit

$1,250.00(Training Only) $400.00 Deposit



I am so glad I chose Royal International Beauty Institute. The best Money I ever spent! I really can't wait to apply all that I learned.

-Ashley Thomas

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